About Us

Duvauchelle Primary School is a small, rural, decile 6 contributing State Primary School catering for students from Year 0-Year 6.

Our school was established in 1860. It was initially part of a Church School built in the Bay. The original classroom was added to, with another classroom, an  old dental clinic that became the library, and is now The Arts & Music Room, a new administration block, a new library, and lastly a new tennis court. The library is computerised, well stocked, has an interactive whiteboard and is also used as our assembly room. There are networked laptops, i-pads & desktops in the classrooms.

Our school is a safe, positive learning environment.

We operate in accordance with the Treaty of Waitangi. 

We build on trusting relationships between staff, children, families and BOT.

We celebrate our community where tolerance and acceptance of diversity is embraced. We value quality education within a caring environment. We are an Enviro-school and operate in environmentally sustainable ways.

The student roll has a New Zealand European majority, with students from Maori, Asian, Australian,  English, Welsh, French, American, Samoan , South African and Tongan descent. We value our bi-cultural heritage, and the cultures of ourselves and others. 

Our students come from a large geographical area & a major proportion of the students travel to school each day, on our own school bus, from the surrounding bays. We have an open and positive learning partnership between  students, parents, staff and our community.

Our staff have high expectations and  aspirations for our children. We value high achievement in literacy and numeracy, strive for excellence, think creatively, critically and reflectively. We encourage our students to become independent, take responsibility for their own learning and aim for continuous improvement by giving their best. We use a wide range of strategies to ensure that all our students are actively engaged in their learning. We model, deliberately teach and explicitly integrate the key competencies into everything we do.

 We are committed to providing an education for our students which encourages achievement & self-esteem, fosters a co-operative spirit & celebrates diversity & inclusiveness, so that our students develop the knowledge, skills & values necessary to face the challenges of their futures & to participate in a multi-cultural & ethnically diverse society.