Our Goals, Our Aims, Our Charter, ERO

Individual student achievement is the key focus of our school - all our students will experience success.

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow   -   He tangata ako, he whanau ako.

Knowledge is power   -   Nga te Matauranga te Mana.

At Duvauchelle, student’s identities, languages, abilities and talents are recognised and affirmed with:

  1. An inclusive culture which:
  • has agreed, shared values
  • welcomes everyone
  • is collaborative and respectful
  • encourages respect for all human rights.
  1. Inclusive policies which:
  • have a participatory development process
  • aim to reduce barriers to attendance
  • makes resources and buildings accessible to all.
  1. Inclusive practices which:
  • engage all children fully in the New Zealand Curriculum
  • require teachers to take responsibility for learning and progress of all learners.
  1. Inclusive cultural practices which:
  • recognise, support and provide for the learning needs of Māori, Pasifika and children of other ethnic identities
  • recognise and accept the cultural views and differences  of Māori, Pasifika and children of other ethnic identities
  • expect teachers to understand Tātaiako and value of meeting the needs of all learners.
  1. Inclusive processes and systems which:
  • are linked to an agreed definition of what constitutes special education
  • are directed by the staff members (principal, teachers ) 
  • ensure that transition  is effectively managed and monitored for all learners.

Here are our Charter Documents.  Browse, download, print.