Staff - Teaching

Karen Bennett - Junior Room Teacher.


Meet Karen Bennett


Karen, or Kaz as we call her is the junior teacher at Duvauchelle School.  She has a passion for teaching and learning and loves the challenges of teaching children in the early years .   She specialises in physical education, sport and is currently the lead teacher of ICT in the school.  


Karen finds that working in a small rural school makes her happy!  She grew up in Mid Canterbury in small rural school herself and feels she can easily relate to the parents and students alike.  


Denis Brittenden - Teacher Music & French Language


Meet Denis

Denis teaches French level 1-13, he belongs to the Alliance Francais and is actively involved in promoting french language and culture in Aotearoa.

He teaches Music to years 1-10, he plays the guitar professionally in restaurants and functions.  He's been playing professionally for about 20 years.  He plays and teaches both the ukulele and the guitar

Denis teaches at Duvauchelle School and Akaroa Area School.