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Welcome to Duvauchelle School.

At Duvauchelle School we care for children and their needs, talents and widening interests during this important stage of their education.  Every child has individual gifts and abilities and our school recognises this.  We believe that the key to high academic attainment is a first-rate organisational structure combined with high expectations from the staff and students.  Duvauchelle delivers high quality teaching, in a safe, caring, working environment, providing a stimulating learning environment in which all children are encouraged to reach their potential as lifelong learners.

Duvauchelle School offers a wonderful playing are, a large field, a tennis/netball court, wildlife garden, vegetable garden, swimming pool, two main teaching classrooms and a library and technology room. Our school provides Y4-6 students with their own school lap-top, and all Y0-3 students with one i-pad between 2, enhancing their learning opportunities.

Please feel free to contact us on (03) 304-5722, if you would like to come and visit our school.

Mike Allen,